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Thank you!!

We cannot do what we do, without you....Thank you to the following for helping us out. Be it displaying a flag, donating raffle prizes, sponsors and more.....

The Grand Hotel
Jordan Montgomery Conway & Conor Ebbs
Wicklow Volunteer Centre
Garda - Niall Kennedy & Roy Sheriff Superindendent
Cllr. Aoife Flynn Kennedy
Cllr. Lourda Scott
Cllr. Paul O'Brien
Declan Shaw
Deirdre McCormack
Film Crew:
Liam O'Leary,
Sophia Lyons,
Gabriele Bradly,
Scott Allen,
Nikki Moss,
Kevin Whym,
Stu Teehan,
Dorothy Grace Laity
Blessington Tourist Office
Geoff Kane
Sue Ryder Arklow
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